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Meet Team EKF’s Kelsey Bryant

Meet Kelsey Bryant

This is Kelsey’s first time running with Team enCourage Kids and we are so happy to have her on board! A little bit more about Kelsey: she is a doctor who focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. If you were to ever run into Kelsey on the street, you would most likely also meet her sidekick, Pumba! He is her dog, and one of the most important parts of her life is being his mom.

When asked why she wants to fundraise for enCourage Kids, she said “There is little to no funding making the experience of healthcare more tolerable, so making the illness less traumatic often falls on private support. Health care is terrifying, and even more so if you are a kid, humanizing the experience is a worthy cause and the NYC marathon is a life goal of mine.”

She is most looking forward to hugging Pumba at the end of the marathon! If you would like to support Kelsey, you can donate to her fundraising page here or leave an encouraging comment below.

Thanks for all your fundraising efforts and commitment to enCourage Kids, Kelsey!

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