Not everyone can alleviate the fears a child experiences in the hospital. Child Life can.

There are not many things that can help distract a child from the pain and fear of a hospital visit, but Child Life Specialists work hard to find what alleviates those feelings for each child who comes through their doors. One of the ways in which they do this is by partnering with entertainers such as clowns, musicians, caricature artists, and magicians. Together, they allow children to escape from the hardships of their hospital stay while providing a sense of relief, normalcy, and comfort.

Child Life recognizes that entertainers’ tricks, songs, and positive energy lift the spirits of pediatric patients. Looney Louie, one of the clowns enCourage Kids funds for many hospitals in the New York metro area, is passionate about working with Child Life to improve the emotional well-being of hospitalized children and their family members.

When he enters a pediatric wing, Looney Louie works closely with Child Life to learn more about how the patients are feeling that day and what their diagnoses are. Child Life Specialists share who should receive bedside visits, and Looney Louie makes his way to each child, giving special performances and tending to their specific needs. In addition to bedside visits, he sometimes does shows in the hospital playroom. With information from the Child Life Specialists, such as how many pediatric patients and siblings will be attending, what the family’s first language is, and any other important information, he is able to tailor his act and give a spectacular show. Whether he is performing bedside or for a larger group, he not only gives kids and their families a break from their stress and fears but even gets giggles and smiles that spread ear-to-ear.

We are proud to support many entertainers, like Looney Louie, and Child Life Specialists who work hard to bring joy and laughter to pediatric patients. Please consider making a gift to enCourage Kids today to help continue to fund entertainers for hospitalized children and support the Child Life Community.

If you have any stories about how entertainers or Child Life Specialists have impacted your life or you are an entertainer or Child Life Specialists and want to share your story, please email our Communications Manager, Mallory, or comment below.