Meet Our Team

Jean M. Butler
President and CEO

Jean works with hospital administrators, community leaders, corporations, private enterprise and a committed staff team to improve the hospital experience for pediatric patients. Under Jean’s leadership, the Foundation supports innovations and initiatives that address the physical health and mental well-being of children while they are in the hospital.

Danielle Giorgetti
Administrative Manager & Board Liaison

Danielle supports company operations by maintaining office systems and implementing special projects, but she secretly likes to be known as the Office Ninja providing administrative support wherever she’s needed.

Emma Wolk
Director of Development

Emma joined enCourage Kids Foundation in August of 2017 as a member of the development team. She is eager to share the mission of enCourage Kids and raise vital funds to ensure that sick children across the country experience joy, hope, resilience, and healing.

Christina Brannon
Social Media Specialist
EKF Social Media Manager

Christina Brannon is a 25-year-old writer, social media specialist, and creative consultant from New York City and Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Christina received her Master’s from The New School in Nonprofit Management and focuses her work on spotlighting stories with purpose. This passion for giving a platform to missions that matter brought her to enCourage Kids Foundation in 2021, where she has the honor of sharing the stories of brave pediatric patients and the crucial work that EKF provides to these children and their families.

Once her laptop closes, she moonlights as a Little Free Librarian and senior dog enthusiast. Long nights of content creation are made sweeter with her 16-year-old rescue dog and manager, August, on her lap. 

Bryan Fryer, Consulting Principal
Kim Lovett, Consulting Supervisor

EKF Financial Services Management

Grassi is nationally ranked and recognized as one of the nation’s leading advisory and accounting firms. Their Nonprofit advisors help organizations fulfill their missions through operational efficiencies, risk management and financial health. As nonprofit specialists, Bryan and Kim are highly skilled at identifying and addressing operational, technology, governance and other issues while providing enCourage Kids with proactive solutions for all aspects of our financial management needs.

MJ Pedone
President & Founder, Indra Public Relations
EKF Publicist

Indra Public Relations represents some of the most recognized athletes, entertainers, brands, and organizations in the world. They push the boundaries of what’s possible as they use their skills, strategy, creativity, and relationships to secure significant results for their clients. MJ and her team have been working with enCourage Kids Foundation since 2016. They handle all aspects of media outreach and celebrity relations securing high-level opportunities and awareness for the CEO and organization.

In Loving Memory

Michele Hall-Duncan
Michele Hall-Duncan

Michele began her career at enCourage Kids as a volunteer and joined the program staff full time in 1996. Having been hospitalized for a serious illness as a child, Michele felt a deep connection to the mission and quickly rose within the organization to oversee all programming.