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Hospital Happenings

enCourage Kids Hospital Happenings

Our Hospital Happenings encourage smiles by bringing an array of entertainers – from clowns and musicians to caricature artists and magicians – into the hospital setting. Their interactive performances help to lift up the much-needed spirits of patients during their procedures & treatments and fills in the long gaps where they may be feeling lonely, tired, or afraid.

enCourage Kids Hospital Happenings

“enCourage Kids programs allow the kids to see someone familiar and fun on a regular basis. It makes something special about clinic that some days they don’t want to leave. Now who doesn’t want to leave the doctor’s office? But our kids want to stay. They are having too much fun which I think is awesome.”
Dr. Jennifer Pearce, Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders


Our clowns encourage laughter in the place you least expect it – a hospital pediatric unit. Their tricks and charms lift the moods and spirits of children of all ages – even the know-it-all teenager. And their kind-hearted energy is a nice pick-me-up for the doctors & nurses that work tirelessly on caring for the young patients.

“The children light up when Looney Louie visits their rooms. The kids are thrilled and so grateful, and it really makes their days so much brighter despite their hospital stay.”
– Marcia Graham – Certified Child Life Specialist, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital

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