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Meet Team EKF’s Brian Hirt

Meet Brian Hirt

We are very excited to introduce one of our amazing runners Brian Hirt, who has joined Team EKF for his very first ever TCS New York City Marathon. We hope you enjoy meeting and supporting Brian as he raises funds to support our mission!

What inspired you to run the New York City Marathon this year?
I had a friend run a few years back so I made a sign and watched her from the sidelines.  It was my first time watching the marathon and it was such a great day. The energy from the crowd and the motivation from all the runners was amazing. From that day, I knew I had to add it to my bucket list.

Why do you want to run with Team EKF and raise funds for our mission?
EKF is such a wonderful foundation with a great mission.  When I got the opportunity to partner with them, I jumped on it. To be able to support a great cause and get the opportunity to run was a win win.

What is a fun fact or story about you that you would want to share with our community?
Usually my fun fact is “I am running the NYC Marathon this year.” 

If you had to give people one piece of advice, related to anything, what would it be?
I always say, if you have patience and be kind you will eventually get what you want. This may not apply to everything in life but a general rule.

We are very appreciative for Brian’s dedication and for running his first marathon with Team EKF! enCourage Kids can’t wait to cheer you on during the marathon on November 7th! If you want to support Brian in his fundraising, you can visit: https://fundraisers.hakuapp.com/fundraisers/688a76156549aded38b1

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