Since our inception, we have provided programs and support to pediatric facilities that help improve the hospital experience for their pediatric patients. In addition, since 1996, we have directly funded 859 projects for hospitals around the country, totaling $15,554,644. You can learn more about the projects below:

We have funded 248 Creative Arts projects.

Music Therapy: Blythedale Children’s Hospital

For many children, music is an important part of the healing process. Therefore, it’s no surprise that music therapy is one of our most funded projects in hospitals around the country. As a powerful tool, music therapy is clinically proven to improve cognitive function, motor skills, emotional and affective development, behavior and social skills, and quality of life of pediatric patients. enCourage Kids has proudly funded the music therapy program at Blythedale Children’s Hospital since 2013, making it an integral part of their Child Life Program. For patients in their Traumatic Brain Injury Unit, one of the largest populations served by this grant, therapy sessions are highly effective.


Sickle Cell Support Group: Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

enCourage Kids Foundation funds a monthly support group at Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center for children and families living with sickle cell disease. Alexa Kreisberg, a Child Life Specialist at Brookdale Hospital explains, “In the support group environment, feelings of anger, depression, guilt, and anxiety can be expressed, validated by others, and accepted as a normal response to living with sickle cell or living with someone who has sickle cell…The biggest advantage of providing a support group is to help patients and their families realize that they are not alone and that there are other children who have the same chronic illness.” The hope, joy, and support provided to pediatric patients and their families is palpable during every group session and carries on throughout their daily lives.

We have funded 2 Pet Therapy projects.

Pet Therapy

After listening to members of the Child Life Community and receiving our first grant requests in 2018 for pet therapy, we are happy to welcome Kimono and Vente into the enCourage Kids family. They are the resident facility dogs at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco.

Facility dogs provide opportunities for happy, memorable moments during what can be a challenging time for pediatric patients and their families. Dogs are often used to lift spirits, lessen depression, provide comfort, and increase socialization for children. During a visit from a facility dog, patients can break from their hospital routine to experience moments that allow them to disconnect from their sickness and feel secure and hopeful.

We have funded 249 Technology projects.

KidZone TV: Kravis Children’s Hospital at  Mount Sinai Hospital

enCourage Kids Foundation has been supporting KidZone TV since 2005. It serves to broadcast entertaining, educational, and therapeutic content on their closed-circuit television station daily and adapts programming based on the interests of children and families in the unit. The studio not only extends the reach of their Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy services but also allows each clinician to positively impact their entire pediatric population at once. Patients are also given the opportunity to direct, produce, host, and create new programming. These hands-on learning and play experiences support autonomy, creativity, individuation, social and emotional growth, and overall well-being. KidZone TV provides an expressive and healing outlet to children throughout short, prolonged, or repeat hospitalizations. Patients have reported that watching the channel helped them cope when they were too consumed with pain to speak or were slowly waking up from sedation or other strong medications.

We have funded 118 Renovation & Enhancement projects.

Child-friendly Exam Tables: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Jamaica Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Department provides care to an ethnically diverse and under-served community who utilize their services for emergency care in addition to their primary care needs. Unfortunately, over the years, Jamaica Hospital’s Emergency Room has aged due to the sheer number of patients they serve and was in great need of updated equipment. enCourage Kids was able to provide support to purchase new child-friendly exam tables and an infant scale. With the addition of this equipment, the care rendered to all children seen in their Emergency Department was elevated. Jamaica Hospital is a vital resource to the children of their community and we are proud to help the hospital to serve them in the best way possible.

We have funded 30 Hospital Admission & Comfort Kit projects.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital

The hospital is a frightening and unfamiliar environment. Hospital Admission and Comfort Kits are filled with items that provide distraction and alleviate pain, fear, and anxiety. Supplies like sippy cups, bibs, teethers, books, puzzles, cards, bubbles, journals and beauty supplies are a few examples of what goes into each bag. Saleen Marria, a Development Officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb explains “The bags not only provide children with a fun way to pass the time, but they also divert their thoughts and fears by providing an opportunity to focus on something more pleasant.” We have been supporting Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital for 13 years, funding over 60,000 Hospital Admission and Comfort Kits to hospitalized children.

We have funded 25 Recreational Activity projects.

VECTA Deluxe Mobile Sensory Station: Flushing Hospital Medical Center

The VECTA Deluxe Mobile Sensory Station is used in their Pediatric Unit at the bedside, in the treatment room, and in the playroom, as well as the Pediatric Emergency Room. The sensory station helps patients and family members cope with anxiety, fear, and alleviate stress while providing a sense of control and distraction with multiple sensory stimulations. The VECTA is a mobile station that has a CD player to play soothing music, projector, fiber optics for tactile touch, aromatherapy, and an interactive bubble column in which the speed of the bubbles and the color of the column can be controlled by the patient. 

Ski Trips to Adaptive Sports Lodge: Hospital for Special Surgery

enCourage Kids funded a skip trip to the Adaptive Sports Lodge at Windham Mountain for the Hospital for Special Surgery’s pediatric patients with significant physical limitations who require adapted equipment. The trip ran as a part of the HSS’ Adaptive Sports Academy, a unique program that allows their young patients with cerebral palsy, significant limb length discrepancy and lower limb amputation, among other diagnoses, the opportunity to participate in sports programming. The experiences encourage mobility and independence, and pediatric patients return home with increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and motivation to live fuller, more active lives.

We have funded 33 Equipment and Supplies projects.

Safe Sleep Initiative Onesie: Elmhurst Hospital

With the support from enCourage Kids, Elmhurst Hospital Center was able to implement a safe sleep initiative in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Each family that enters their NICU is provided with an infant onesie that reminds parents to lay their child on his/her back when being put to sleep. We love hearing how hospitals are using their resources to educate and spread awareness to their patients and families.

Hospital Equipment: Vassar Brothers Medical Center

enCourage Kids is proud to provide funding to Vassar Brother Medical Center to install much-needed equipment and technology to their Pediatric Unit to help lower the level of anxiety experienced by both their patients and caregivers. These include IV poles adorned with fun animals to serve as a distraction and be something the patients even look forward to seeing. The rocking chairs are invaluable in providing a comfortable, soothing, close-contact means for caregivers to comfort patients in pain or those feeling anxious. The MamaRoo® swings are increasingly important to help the increasing number of patients being seen that are born with opioid addiction. Children need almost constant soothing and the staff is not always able to hold them constantly. TV’s and Xbox’s provide a distraction for their patients and a way for them to interact with their parents, siblings, or other caregivers.

In 2019, we served nearly one million kids throughout the United States.


At the end of 2016, we had provided support to 121 hospital partners in 8 states.

At the end of 2017, we had provided support to 159 hospital partners in 26 states and Puerto Rico.

At the end of 2018, we had provided support to 282 hospital partners in 39 states and Puerto Rico.

At the end of 2019, we had provided support to 286 hospital partners in 41 states and Puerto Rico.