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Tablets: enCouraging Play

enCourage Kids Tablet Program

Loaded with games and applications, our Tablets encourage play in the hospital environment – both regular and medical. While Angry Birds seems to be a favorite, games such as Simply Sayin’, The Human Body, and Re-Mission 2 allow patients to also learn about their diagnosis and procedures, which Child Life Specialists site as a critical resource in learning to cope with their illness.

“The Tablets have been quite helpful for our patients who come to Pediatrics in the Immunology Clinic, Sickle Cell Clinic, and other specialties. They allow the children to remain occupied, calm and happy while waiting for their appointments and distract them from their fears and being anxious.”
– Diane Levy, Social Work Supervisor, Queens Hospital Center

Tablets Encourage Play

“The Tablets have been a life saver. We use them daily especially in our pediatric clinic and inpatient unit. Having the tablets pre-filled has also been wonderful as it not only gives various options of play during the procedure (as it is tailored to different age groups), but it also helps to lessen the burden of financing these special apps on small, newly developing Child Life programs.”
– Angela Barimah, Child Life Specialist, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

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