Day in the Life of TeddyHi, my name’s Teddy! My best friend in the whole wide world is Andrew. He’s seven years old and has brown hair and brown eyes, just like me! Andrew likes cars and soccer and funny cartoons. My favorite part of the day is when Andrew and I watch those cartoons. We laugh and laugh and laugh for hours! Those are the best times.

Andrew and I are at the EKF Hospital. We’ve been here for a few weeks now. We have a nice big room with two windows. There are some shiny silver balloons in the corner of the room and a little television that we watch movies and cartoons on. There’s also a chair in the corner of room; Andrew’s Mommy and Daddy sit there a lot. I like them, they’re really nice. They take really good care of Andrew because he doesn’t always feel so great. That’s why Andrew and I are here: there are some super friendly doctors that are trying to help Andrew feel better so that he can go back home very soon.

I’m glad the doctors are trying to help him, because when Andrew isn’t feeling too good it makes me sad. I love laughing and playing with my best friend, which is hard when he’s sick. Every day, I always try my very hardest to bring a nice big smile to Andrew’s face. I hug him when he’s sad. I go everywhere with him so he’s not alone. No matter what, I’m always there for Andrew when he needs me—because that’s what best friends are for!

And Andrew needs me today. Today is a really, really important day because Andrew has to go to another room in the hospital for an MRI. An MRI is this special way the doctors can take pictures of the inside of your body. It doesn’t hurt, but sometimes it can be a little bit scary. To take the pictures you have to lie super still in this big machine. Andrew’s never had an MRI before so he’s a little bit afraid.