Teddy with a TabletAndrew didn’t sleep very well last night. I was right by his side the whole time, but he still kept tossing and turning. I think it’s because he’s a bit nervous for the MRI. He doesn’t want to play this morning. He is being very quiet. It’s not very like him. I don’t like seeing Andrew so unhappy.

Someone is at the door. It’s Sara, one of the Child Life Specialists. Andrew and I both sit up in bed to say hello. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her before. She has blue eyes and dark brown hair, not like mine and Andrew’s. She has something in her hand: a Tablet. Oh, these things are so cool! Andrew and I once played with one before. It has all these awesome games; there’s one that has these funny looking birds flying around in it. We loved playing with the Tablet. It definitely made the time pass.

Sara comes over to Andrew and me in the bed and says that she heard from Andrew’s Mommy that he is a bit nervous about going in for the MRI. She says that she wants to help him feel calmer. With the Tablet she can show us what the MRI machine looks like and what it will sound like when he is lying down in it. She asks if Andrew would like to see a picture of it and hear the noises so that he’ll know what to expect. Andrew nods his head yes. Sara pulls out the Tablet and quickly presses some buttons on the bright screen. She turns the Tablet towards us. We see a room with a big tube-shape machine in the middle. Sara then lets Andrew tap on the screen. We hear these beeps and buzzes. They don’t sound scary at all. It’s like a robot is talking to us, telling jokes like Andrew and I do together.

This is so cool! I’m so glad Andrew got to see what the machine looks like and hear these noises before it’s time to go for the MRI. I think I even see a tiny smile spreading across his face! I’m so happy Sara had this Tablet and was able to use it to help prepare Andrew. I have a feeling the Tablet made Andrew much less nervous. I can tell it’s really important for him to understand what all these tests and procedures are like. Once he knows what is going to happen, and that it’s not all that terrifying, he feels more comfortable. And once he is more comfortable, he is the Andrew I know and love with all of my heart.