He did it! Andrew did it! He was so brave, just like I knew he would be!  I’m so proud of him. As soon of he got into the MRI machine he laid there perfectly still and calm, just like I showed him how to. He didn’t panic. He didn’t try to climb out early. He did everything he was supposed to do. I’m so happy I was able to help Andrew, to show him exactly what he is capable of.

And now, to top it all off a clown has come to visit us in Andrew’s room! It’s the perfect way to celebrate. This guy is so funny, whenever he comes around Andrew and I always get so excited. He’s dressed in a goofy outfit. His shirt has black and yellow strips and he’s pants are bright blue. He also has this silly little hat, tipped a bit to the right. The clown is really good at tricks. He grabs coins out of the air, from behind Andrew’s ear. He pulls an endless string of scarves right out of his sleeve: a long line of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple squares. He brings out a deck of cards and knows exactly which one we were looking at when he had his eyes closed. It’s crazy! Just like real magic! Andrew seems like he is having the best time. It’s like we aren’t even in a hospital room anymore.

Teddy with Musician

It’s so fun when the clowns come to visit us. They always make the day much better, distracting Andrew from everything else that’s going on. Plus, it just feels so good to laugh like we do as they perform. There’s just nothing like it: laughter is its own form of medicine. Sometimes musicians also come to the room. That’s so nice too. They bring guitars and key boards, and ask Andrew what his favorite songs are and if he would like to sing along. I think Andrew is a great singer; I love it when he sings as loud as he can, with a huge smile across his face.

I can always tell that there is a difference in Andrew’s attitude before and after clowns and musicians come to visit us. He is always much more cheerful. Sometimes if the clown did a particularly crazy trick Andrew will keep on talking about it long after he is gone. Clearly, it’s a good way to distract Andrew, to make him feel as though he is somewhere else instead of lying in this room. There is nothing like a fascinating trick or a happy song to brighten the mood.