Teddy Cuddling with PatientWhat a day! We are so tired; we’re barely able to keep our eyes open any longer!

After the clown left, Andrew and I had the perfect afternoon. All of his worries had entirely vanished. It was as if nothing had ever been bothering Andrew in the first place. We watched a movie, played some games. It’s important for Andrew to get some rest after a high energy day like today.

Everything is back to normal. Now that it’s all over, Andrew seems much better and more like his usual self. He is not only calmer, but he also has gained a new level of confidence. Andrew conquered his fears; now he is unstoppable!  This is how I want Andrew to feel each and every day. I want him to always know that he is strong and brave. That he can do whatever he sets his mind to. As his best friend, it’s my job to help remind him of this each and every day. I hope every time Andrew looks at me he knows he’s not alone, that I will always be there to help him when he needs me.

I’m excited for tomorrow. I know whatever comes our way, Andrew and I will be able to handle it as long as we are together.