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Teddy’s Adventures: Issue #4

We last left Teddy helping his new friend, Luke, through an IV needle insertion. But with Teddy’s reassurance, the procedure was a breeze and the little boy was a lot less nervous. The doctors are still not 100% sure what is causing Luke’s pain, so he is having a CAT scan today.

CAT scans are intimidating. The machines seem huge for a little patient, and they can make pretty scary and unfamiliar noises. They also require the patient to stay very still, something that can even be difficult for an adult. Luckily, Luke has his friend, Teddy, to provide him with comfort and to ease his nerves. While Teddy cannot go into the machine with Luke, he is close by, sitting on a chair near the machine. When the test is over, Teddy is waiting with open arms to give Luke a big hug.

Many times, when the diagnosis is unknown, a young patient will need to visit the hospital numerous times. Now that Luke has Teddy, going back to the hospital does not scare him nearly as much. He walks out of the hospital, holding Teddy, and knows that he will be able to take on anything during his next visit.

Thanks for following along with Teddy’s adventures. He has many more pediatric patients to help, and you can support him. Donate today to send a pair of Bears to pediatric patients around the country.

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