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Volunteer Feature: Marisa

Meet Marisa! She has been volunteering with enCourage Kids Foundation for over 10 years. Marisa has a passion and gift for helping others through their most challenging times. She also works as a healthcare worker in an adult unit and wanted to expand her reach to the pediatric realm through enCourage Kids. Marisa’s kindheartedness is quite clear as she shares, “I am a nurse manager and it has been really challenging working throughout the pandemic. There have been many times where I felt exhausted and burnt out. However, I am grateful to be able to contribute to fighting this pandemic on the frontlines.”

Marisa has touched so many families with her simple acts of kindness and has made a huge lasting impact in their lives. Her dedication to contributing to the happiness of so many lives is inspiring and we are eternally grateful for her compassion and enthusiasm in making these children’s lives a little sweeter.

We asked Marisa what her favorite memory was of volunteering with enCourage Kids. She says, “Weekends at Camp Pontiac will always be my favorite! From making s’mores by the big bonfire to watching the kids scream with excitement during relay races, to seeing the smiles on the parents’ faces knowing their children can fully be themselves in this environment- there is simply nothing better.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful volunteer like Marisa. While she shares that she highlights the staff for creating these programs for the EKF families, we want to thank her for being a part of it. We would not be able to make them as much of a success without volunteers like Marisa. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support enCourage Kids and volunteer, please email Briana Horwich at briana@encourage-kids.org.

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