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Highlights from our programs and events during 2015.

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2015 enCourage Kids Year in Review2015 was definitely a year of beginnings and endings for enCourage Kids Foundation. After 21 years, the Emblem Golf Outing played its final hole while raising $77,000 – for a total of nearly $1.75 million. A big thank you is owed to Frank Branchini and Denise Shearer for their dedication all of these years. You have set a great example for others to follow and will be missed.

We also closed the doors on our Sports Auction of 25 years and opened a new one with our Inaugural Serving Up Smiles tasting event. We look forward to mixing and mingling with some of the city’s hottest chefs for years to come. (Save the Date for this years event.)

Perhaps our biggest change of the year was our transition to becoming enCourage Kids Foundation*. As enCourage Kids, we will continue our mission of encouraging all kids facing health challenges to be carefree kids by creating experiences and environments that help them through each step of their medical journey. We are excited to also reveal to you our new logo, which embodies the spirit of our families and the overall mission to uplift that spirit through the programming that you generously support.

enCourage Kids logo On behalf of the children, families, and hospitals we serve, thank you for encouraging smiles, laughter, comfort, cheer, and play.


• In November, eight runners ran a collective 209.6 miles and raised nearly $50,000 for us during the TCS NYC Marathon. Interested in joining our team this year?

• In 2015, our Friends Committee hosted two events, including a rooftop cocktail party, raising $28,000 for our programs. Join us for this year’s Starry Night on May 10, 2016.

• Our 2014 Financial Report has been completed and can be viewed on our Financials page. If you would like a printed version mailed to you, please contact Florence Mui at florence@encourage-kids.org or 212-354-2878 ext. 104.

• We are now on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Be sure to get connected to us through your favorite social media platform.

Smiles by the Numbers: 2015 Program Highlights

enCourage programs reach kids facing a variety of health issues – from those receiving chemo treatments in a clinic to those who live with a chronic illness that may not be visible. What they all have in common is that they deserve the same opportunities to laugh, to play, and to have fun – whether they are being treated in the hospital or living with their struggles at home.

345 Escapes were hosted in 2015 for 10,361 participants

2015 enCourage Kids Escape Year in Review

2,309 Hospital Happenings were hosted for 37,698 participants

2015 enCourage Kids Hospital Happenings Year in Review

38 Tablets were distributed to hospitals

2015 enCourage Kids Tablets Year in Review

2,620 Bears were distributed to hospitals

2015 enCourage Kids Bears Year in Review

Over $430K was awarded in grants to 29 hospital partners

2015 enCourage Kids Pediatric Hospital Support Year in Review
• 17 Starlight® Fun Center® Mobile Entertainment Units were distributed in 2015.

Program Highlight

In 2015, we awarded $137K in grants to six of our pediatric partners specifically for their music and art therapy programs, which will reach 3,150 patients this year. Since 2002, we have seen the significance of this type of programming in hospitals – having awarded $2.25 million to 26 hospitals over the years. Learn more about how we have been a part of making music therapists valued team members to child life departments throughout our area.

music therapy in the hospitals

Events by the Numbers: 2015 Event Highlights

2015 enCourage Kids Gala Highlights
2015 enCourage Kids Serving Up Smiles Highlights
2015 enCourage Kids Mets-Citi Field Event
2015 enCourage Kids Golf Outing Event
2015 enCourage Kids Albany Events

* Effective October 30, 2015 Starlight Children’s Foundation NY*NJ*CT will operate under the new name of enCourage Kids Foundation, as an independent not-for-profit corporation, and is no longer affiliated with Starlight Children’s Foundation. enCourage Kids Foundation will continue its mission of serving kids and their families and can be reached at encourage-kids.org. Starlight Children’s Foundation will continue its mission to improve the life and health of kids and families in the region and around the world and can be reached at starlight.org.

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