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Teddy’s Adventures: Issue #2

We last left Teddy helping his new friend, Hope, overcome her fear of getting an IV. It is almost time for her surgery, but first, Teddy wants to also show her what her bandages will look like after the operation. With the help of a Child Life Specialist, Teddy has bandages wrapped around his head to mimic what Hope’s will look like when she comes out of surgery. This helps her understand a little bit more of what her recovery will entail.

The time for her surgery has come. The nurses bring Hope to the operating room. She cuddles with Teddy for the entire ride over and says good-bye with confidence and a smile. She feels ready thanks to her preparation with Teddy and the Child Life Specialist.

Teddy goes back to Hope’s hospital room and waits to greet her with a smile and cuddles.

Hope’s surgery is successful, and she gives Teddy a big hug as soon as she wakes up. She and Teddy spend time together while she recovers, playing games and learning more about medical terms, equipment, and what happens in the hospital. By the time she is discharged to go home, she has found a new best friend in Teddy and they walk out of the hospital, hand-in-paw, to face their next adventure together.

But there are more kids that need Teddy’s comfort and love! Check out our next blog post to read about Teddy’s newest adventure.

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