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Teddy’s Adventures: Issue #3

Teddy receives another call. A little boy, Luke, just checked into the hospital, but no one is quite sure what is causing his pain. His doctors are using a lot of words he doesn’t know and he’s afraid of going through some intimidating procedures. Teddy is on a mission to help make it better!

Luke has to get blood drawn and receive an IV for fluids. Needles and cords can be frightening if you don’t know what they do and how they help. Teddy works with the Child Life Specialist to explain to Luke exactly how they work and that they aren’t so scary after all. Teddy then volunteers to get his blood drawn and receive an IV to show his friend everything that will happen. In the process, Luke gets to help the Child Life Specialist with the needle and fluid bag, learning all about the equipment that surrounds him in his room.

When it is time for the Luke’s IV, Teddy is right there with him, holding his hand, with a matching IV in his arm. Thanks to Teddy’s preparation, he is no longer scared or nervous about his IV. Rather, he feels confident that he can do anything with the encouragement of his new friend.

One test is under his belt, but a bigger one is coming up. Check out our next blog to see how Teddy helps Luke through a CAT scan.

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